LOCAL PICK UP: Organic Fair Trade Fresh Roasted coffee

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FOR HUTTO PICK UP ONLY your bag WILL NOT be mailed to you. Great for locals, skip the $6 shipping! 

Coffee is certified organic, fair-trade.
12 oz bag, shipped within 7 days of roasting. SHIPS ON THE 15TH of every month to ensure freshness!


Our coffee has a smooth taste with very little acidity! Before we started roasting Jess "grinned and beared" coffee, she had only had over roasted mass produced coffee that took a cup of sugar to hid the bitterness. Now Jess can drink our coffee with 2 packets of stevia and 1/2 and 1/2! It is reallllllly good stuff!

Our coffee is fresh roasted in small batches and will be shipped on the 15th of every month. We have subscriptions available as well! If you order after the 15th your shipment will not go out until the 15th of next month, this is to ensure the freshest possible coffee for you!

The fresher your coffee is roasted and purchasing organic coffee, the less likely you are to have caffiene crashes and headaches! Jess has experienced this first hand!!

Also our coffee is not only certified organic it is also certified fait-trade as well! If you don't know what that means, basically it provides the coffee farmer's with a living wage that helps them to ACTUALLY be able to provide for their families and improve on their operations! Without this a lot of farmer's STRUGGLE because they are basically enslaved to the buyers. So it is our heart that we always carry a MINIMUM of organic and fair-trade certifications. (In the future we hope to direct trade and give the farmer's MORE than fair-trade wages!)

Technical parts about out beans...
We get our beans from Asociación Unión de Cafetaleros Ecológicos (UNICAFEC) which was founded in 2001 It is a small cooperative producing pure Arabica, wet processed Organic & Fair Traded coffee, based in the town of San Ignacio, the northernmost province of Peru along the border with Ecuador. Agriculture is the main source of income in this poverty stricken region and coffee is its main crop.

UNICAFEC has been instrumental to the 379 farm families it serves by providing easier access to credit for fertilizer purchases, for example, or in the commercialization of their crop and providing consistent technical assistance. UNICAFEC works hard to ensure producers are able to sell their product for the best prices to demanding markets and that they implementing technologies that also allow them to compete in specialty markets.

Services Provided to Farmer Members

The organization's Technical Department offers support services to members and consistently monitors new producers as they integrate into the organic coffee program. The Technical Department purchased a motorcyle to assist worker transportation and contracted a consultant to conduct workshops on soils and fertilization. An Internal Control System has also been implemented to provide capacity building sessions for directors and workers.