About Us

When Jessica was 16 she dreamed of owning a coffee shop. She put that dream on the backburner as she pursued other passions in life. Two years ago she was reminded of that dream she had tucked away for almost 20 years. Her heart was to gather people over a good cup of coffee. 

She started sourcing roasted coffee and quickly found out that even wholesale pricing was expensive. So she bought their first box of green beans and started roasting with her husband and a popcorn popper on their stove. 

After burning several batches of beans they found the perfect roast! THEN it hit Jessica, coffee doesn't have to have a burned and acidic taste that caused her to use a TON of cream and sugar! 

Being parents both Jessica and Daniel wanted to roast amazing coffee that could not only keep them going throughout the day but would taste amazing and present it in a beautiful way that wasn't pretentious. Jessica and Daniel are the ones laughing in the corner of the hipster coffee shop because one of their kids just ate their boogers. 

So we will never try to pretend to know it all. We will never try to pretend we are cooler than you (because we probably aren't, ha ha ha!) But we will share our amazing coffee with you, amazing recipes, tips, tricks, and products along the way and probably laugh a lot too!